Short stories for kids on generosity and kindness

The Tree of Needles

An English morality tale is The Needle Tree. Two brothers used to reside close to a forest. The older brother was quite cruel.

He used to steal the younger brother's clothes and devour all of his meals.

The older brother went to the forest one day to get wood.

Entering the woodland, he came across a mystical tree. 

The tree begged him not to chop it as he was ready to do so. I'll give you a golden apple if you don't cut me.


Although he agreed, the older brother did not like how many apples there were.

He was overcome by greed. He threatened to chop off the entire trunk of the tree if it did not offer him more gold apples. 

Enraged, the enchanted tree launched hundreds of tiny needles in his direction.

Groaning in agony, the elder brother lay on the ground.

The younger brother started to worry as the sun started to set.

The younger brother headed into the jungle to look for his elder sibling.

He discovered him covered in hundreds of needles.

He sprinted over and took out each needle one by one.

The elder brother pledged to treat him nicely and expressed regret for mistreating him.

The elder brother's heart changed, and the tree noticed it.

He received an abundance of golden apples from the tree.

Moral of the story: Greed leads us nowhere

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