Short Stories for Kids on Evaluating Risk and Accepting Change

The Story of the Mosquito and the Bed Bug

Long ago in the royal palace, a bed bug had made its home amidst the folds of the bedspread in the king's room. Every day when the king slept, the bedbug sucked  just a little blood without bothering the king. He was living a happy life.

One day a mosquito flew into the room. He looked for places to hide from the king. He saw the bed bug. He thought – “How lucky this bedbug is? He seems to enjoying his life here. I must do something and make this bedbug get out of here. ” He approached the bedbug and said , “Hey bedbug, I have come from a “far-away” land.. I need some shelter here, I promise not to disturn you. Will you give me your place so that I can hide there and have some food?”

The bedbug was scared. He said ,“Dear friend, my house is very small, I have to stay out if I have to let you in. And if I do so, I will be in danger. I will not be able to help you". The mosquito did not agree. He insisted. “Can’t you oblige for a single day? Am I not your guest? Is it not your duty to attend to your guest?” The bedbug was in a dilemma. Thinking for a while, he got an idea. He said “You can hide near the bed without making noise. I will intimate you once the king sleeps and you can bite the king a little bit without disturbing him”. The mosquito agreed. The bedbug warned him again – “The maids in the room are very vigilant. if you get caught, they will kill you, please wait until I give you instructions”

Agreeing, the mosquito hid himself near the cot. The king entered the room and lay down to sleep. Even before the king was asleep, the mosquito ignoring the warning of the bed bug , came out and started to bite the king. As the king was still awake, he instantly tried to kill it. But the mosquito escaped and flew away. The king then caught sight of the bed bug and crushed it

Parenting takeaway:

We are always taught that helping others is good. We also have to understand that this rule may not apply to everyone. There is no point in helping selfish and careless people like the mosquito in the story . It is best to understand the person, before you agree to help him especially if there is a personal risk involved


A story to help kids welcome change

Reema and Avani were sisters. They lived comfortably in a small town called Sundarnagar. They had  a beautiful place by the  huge lake and the gigantic mountain.  There were many sight-seeing places in and around the town and all of them were famous tourist attractions too.  During the holidays, their  cousins would visit them and they would go around all  the places. Reema and Avani had a proud feeling of belonging to that place. It was a small place and they knew every nook and corner of the town.

One day, their parents gave them the news that they were shifting to a big city because of theri job.  This was a very sad news for both Reema and Avani. Just the thought of moving out of the town made them feel bitter.  They had to leave behind their favorite places, home, school and friends. It was a difficult situation for them. But they were helpless. Their parents promised that they would be fine soon. The new place would bring them new friends and new experiences. 

A few days passed, both found it very difficult to adjust to the new city. But Reema, somehow tried to cope up with it. She understood that the situation would get worse if she does not cope-up. She started making new friends. She enrolled in hobby classes and soon she realised she had more things to do in the new city. She adjusted very well.

Avani on the other hand did not adjust. She could not accept the new place. She always compared and complained about the differences between her old place and this place. She could not adjust to the new environment. This started reflecting in here grades. She had not enrolled in any new hobby classes as well.

After a deep conversation with her sister, Avani realized that “change is inevitable.” As a first step she joined a football coaching class and she made some friends. Slowly, she also began to have fun. Within a short period she also adjusted well to the new place.


Parenting Takeaway:

Change is an inevitable thing. As parents, we can help our kids adjust to any relaity by talking them through the situation, giving them time to accept it. It also helps if we proactively enable them to settle into new routines. Having a circle of friends, building a new routine and trying out new things is a great way to adjust into new places and situations.

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Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 



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