Short stories for kids on Discipline


Varun is a 12-year-old boy. Varun lived with his parents in a city. As in city life, his life was too busy with strict school schedules and after-school tuition. On weekends he has to attend swimming and badminton classes. So, for all the classes, he has to be on time. Discipline was a must to keep up with his tight schedule. Varun is forced to keep up with the time so that he doesn’t miss any class or be punished for not being disciplined.

Varun's parents supported him and helped him achieve all his targets. However, Varun didn’t like his busy life. He liked to do things at his own pace. He eagerly waited for his holidays to relax as much as he could and sleep as much as he could.  During holidays he visited his grandparent's house in the countryside.

His long-awaited holidays arrived. Varun packed his bag and started for his grandparent's house. His grandparents were very kind and loved him very much. His grandfather was a farmer. In the morning after breakfast, he went to his grandfather's farm. His grandfather has a big cornfield.

Varun sees his grandfather and his men working in the fields all day. The fields were watered at the proper time, weeds removed, organic manure sprinkled and corn was harvested on time. Varun was surprised to see how men were happily working. They never seemed to be stressed or burdened.

Varun always gets to hear a bedtime story from his grandfather every night. After eating a delicious dinner made by his grandmother, he waits for his grandfather's bedtime stories. His grandfather narrates stories and at the end of each story, he asks Varun to tell the moral he learnt from the story. Varun understands the story and gives the moral of the story correctly most of the time.

Varun on some days doesn’t go to the fields, but instead spends time with his grandmother. He helps her with cooking. Varun spoke about his busy schedule and how much he liked being here away from all the hassle. Grandmother understood how stressful Varun is feeling about his day-to-day life. she told this to grandfather. Grandfather wanted to make Varun to understand the importance of discipline.

That night when grandfather didn’t narrate a fictional story, but a real incident which happened to one of his friends, who was a framer like him. Varun was very much interested to learn about a real incident. Grandfather told the story of farmer Hari. Farmer Hari was a very lazy man. He never took proper care of his fields. He watered his fields any time he wished. Never removed the weeds and never did any pest control. As a result, he didn’t have any good yields.

Grandfather explained the importance of discipline in the field of farming. He also added that discipline is required in all aspects of life. Varun understood the importance of discipline in life. He never thought his life to be burdened anymore as he was sure that he was going in the right way.

Moral of the Story

Discipline is the secret to a fruitful life.


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