Short Stories for Kids - Joy of gifting

Short Story : The Joy of gifting

Manoj and Clara lived with their parents in Bangalore.

One day, when they were playing football, the ball went near the back door of their house. Clara ran to get the ball. When she picked up the ball, she saw that her parents were talking something seriously. She by chance, overheard them.  

They were discussing about buying a vacuum cleaner. Her father had a  travelling job, the car would become dirty very often and cleaning the mats and floor of the car took a long time. Cleaning it frequently made his back severely ache.So, Clara’s mother was insiting on buying a Vaccum cleaner for him.  For which her father was replying that he was still saving money for the vacuum cleaner. But he had some other expenses to meet. Listening to this Clara’s heart melted. She felt very sad.

She went to her brother and told everything she heard. They both decided to help their parents! they decided to save their pocket money and also not spend on anything unless they really needed it. They checked on the internet to find out how much did it cost for a vacuum cleaner at least they could contribute for a monthly instalment. After saving money for 2-3 months, they went to their mother and told her that they wanted to gift their father a vacuum cleaner. Their mother was very proud of them. She also added some money from her pocket and finally arranged the money to buy a small equipment.

On the occasion of “Father’s Day”, they gifted their father. He said that it was the most needed and the best gift ever he had received in his life.

Parenting takeaway

When we work together, compromise on little things and present something to our dear ones, we get at most satisfaction. It also shows that how much we love them and how much we value them.

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