Short Stories for Kids - Interesting Voyage

Short Stories for Kids - Jenny's Voyage

Jenny was a little girl of about 9 years. She lived in a small place near London. She had a lot of desires. She wanted to travel the world. Play on the beaches, swim in the river,s play in the snow and wander in the deserts.

One day while coming back from school, she found something unusual. A purple-coloured pearl! Not to big not too small. But very attractive. She took it home and placed it on her shelf.

That night she suddenly woke up to see herself in the middle of a strange land. A beautiful fairy was sitting beside her waiting for her to wake up. Jenny could not believe her eyes. The fairy introduced herself as the “Angel of Voyage”. She had appeared before jenny to show her all the different places in the world. She was hiding inside the pearl. The fairy asked her to sit on the magical flying mat and they were off on a voyage!

The fairy showed the river Nile, in Africa . Nile is the biggest river in the world. Their next stop was the amazon forest with everlasting greenery in South America.They then journeyed to see Machu Pichu, a world heritage site. The fairy then took her to Antartica, a place with huge mountains of never-ending snow.

Then she showed Jenny the Himalayas, the youngest and the tallest mountain range in the wold. After that the fairy took her to the great Sahara Desert, hot weather, huge sand dunes with no trees and water. They then travelled to China to see the great wall of China.Then finally they came to see the Pacific -ocean the biggest, deepest ocean with abundance of water. It was scary to look at it in the dark.

On her voyage, she also came across many different animals from the elephants in India to the Llamas of South America, she saw quite a variety.

Jenny could not just believe what she was going through. She enjoyed every single bit of it and immensely thanked the “angel of Voyage”. The fairy smiled and left her back at home.

Next day, when Jenny got up, she was perplexed! It was hard for her to come back to normalcy. Was it just a beautiful dream or the fairy really took her to different places of the world? But what ever it was, she would never forget that experience.


Parenting Takeaway

This is a beautiful short story for kids and it can be used to explain different physical features, landmarks and habitas to kids.

We have a world map with landmarks, monuments, animals, continents and oceans for young kids. It will be a good suppliment to this story. Please take a moment to see it .

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