Short Stories for Kids from Greek and Indian Mythology

Short Stories for Kids from Greek and Indian Mythology

Short Story One: The famous story of Hercules!

Long long ago, in the counry of Greece, there lived a very strong man by name Hercules. He was so strong that he could walk miles together without breaking a sweat,  he could swim even against the strongest water currents, climb up the tallest tree and jump down fwithout hurting himself.

The king of that place did not have any heir. He was scouting for his next representative. But a minister who wanted his son to be selected as the next king, was always diverting the king’s hunt.Tthe minister knew that Hercules had all the qualities to become the next king. So, the minister made a plan to permanently send him away from the kingdom.

One day the minister called Hercules and said that he could become the next king if he performs an act of bravery. Hercules agreed. The minister said, that in a far -away land there lived a magician who had 3 golden apples. If Hercules succeeded to bring the apples, then he will be the next king. The minister was almost sure that there was no way that someone could travel and win against the evil magician.

Hercules traveled long distances days together and finally reachee the magician.The magician was  holding a huge cloud. Hercules asked for the 3 golden apples. The magician agreed! He said, "If you can hold the cloud, then I would be able to get the apples for you." Hercules agreed and held the cloud. But then with an evil laugh, the magician said “do you think that I am a fool to forgo a chance to become the king of Greece? Now I will take the apples to the kingdom and become the king”. Listening to this Hercules understood that he had been fooled. He thought for a while and asksed the magician to hold back the cloud so he would adjust his shoulders and hold it properly. The magician agreed and placed the apples on the ground to hold the cloud.  Hercules quickly grabed the apples and ran back to the kingdom 

The king was mighty impressed and happily gave the kingdom to Hercules.

Parenting Takeaway

Old folk tales are always fun to read. They not only  tell us stories, but also, while reading such tales, we can learn about the people, their lifestyles, cultures that were followed in the olden days. We can learn the differences and changes that has occurred over a period of time.


Short Story Two: A stroy about Devotion from Ramayana

Lord Rama was sentenced for a 14 years exile according to the conditions laid by Kaikeyi. Without hestitation, Lord Rama started preparing for his exile. His  wife sita and brother Lakshman also followed Rama. They were supposed to travel in the forest and deserts without revealing their identities.

Lakshman wanted to guard Rama and Sita every single minute. He was very worried that he could not guard them while sleeping.  Lakshman approached Nidra (the Goddess of Sleep) and requested her to take back his sleep for fourteen years(the time period of exile). The Goddess agreed by saying that somebody else would have to sleep on his behalf for fourteen years. Laxman requested Nidra Devi to ask his wife Urmila if she would take his sleep, to which Urmila agreed. As she was suffering from the pain of separation from Lakshmana. She thought that this was a better way to sustain the separation.  So, she slept for fourteen years and thus gave a helping hand to Laxman in safeguarding Ram and Sita.

Parenting Takeaway: This short story is a great way to show case the devotion that Lakshman felt towards his brother


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