Mahabharat Stories for Kids - Sudhama and Lord Krishna

Short Stories for Kids  from Mahabharat – Story 1

This is a story from Mythology that teaches kids the difference between value and price . This Mahabharat story can also be used to teach kids about the  bond of friendship.  The last take away from the story is that true intentions matter more than anything especially in eyes of Lord Krishna.

Sudhama and Lord Krishna were friends from childhood. Sudhama was poor. Sudhama and Krishna had met as young boys in Guru Sandipan’s Ashram. They were the best of friends. After their  studies at the Ashram were over, they both parted ways .

Years Passed, Krisha had become the king of Dwarka while Sudhama lived in poverty.

As the years passed, Sudhama married and had two children. His wife could not see their children in hunger, so one day she requested Sudhama to meet Lord Krishna and ask for  help. Sudhama agreed to meet his old friend , but he refused to ask him for anything. He said , “ Just a visit to Lord Krishna will be sufficient. I will not seek anything from him”.

As he was about to depart to Dwarka, he realized he could not go empty handed. He asked his wife if they had anything.  Sudhama’s wife  remembered that Lord Krishna loved Poha and she gave Sudhama a small bundle to give to Lord Krishna.

When Sudhama entered Dwarka, he half expected to be turned away but  no one stopped him on the way. He continued inside  the gates and into the palace and reached the room where Krishana and Rukmini were. Krishna was overjoyed to meet him.

He bathed his legs in water and fed him food with his own hands. Sudhama was shy to give such a simple gift he had got along to his friend. But Krishna, saw the gift and he asked, “ What have you got there?”. On seeing  the poha, Lord Krishna was over joyed that his friend had remembered his love for this simple snack. He took handfuls of the poha and ate them.  Lord Krishna made Sudhama stay in the palace that night,

The next day Sudhama took their leave, his heart full of joy at having met his old friend. On reaching his place , he saw that in place of a hut there stood a palace and his wife and children were well fed and clothed.

Sudhama realized that even though he had asked for nothing, the Lord had understood his predicament and had provided him all the wealth.   Sudhama and his wife and children lived happily and endlessly thankful for the greatness of Lore Krishna.


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