With these ideas for much-needed parenting breaks, parents can help manage summertime stress and irritation.

Students look forward to the start of summer and the break from schoolwork. However, this time of year may be stressful for parents, particularly if your child suffers from hyperactivity, impulsivity, or frequent sensory meltdowns. Here are five summer parenting ideas to ensure that both students and parents are relaxed and refreshed throughout the sunny break.

1. Plan Time That Isn't Scheduled
Choose one or two days during the week when you have nothing planned and do not need to coordinate your child's schedule with yours. This will relieve some of the strain on your youngster to adhere to a routine and enjoy some well-deserved downtime.

2. Boredom is perfectly acceptable
When raising children with ADHD or attention issues, don't feel obligated to keep them active at all times of the day. When a child says, "I'm bored," avoid the temptation to fill the void with a Pinterest-worthy science experiment. Children will make excellent use of unstructured time by engaging in creative play and using their imaginations. "Go outside and play!" our parents used to say to us when we were youngsters.

3. Make Contacts in the Classroom
Has your child previously made a bond with a student this year? Before summer begins, make a point of gathering the family's contact information from your child's teacher. Being able to maintain this friendship throughout the summer will allow your child to maintain healthy social ties while also providing you with a parenting respite while the kids play together digitally.

4. Required Quiet Time
Work with your child to set up a 30-minute or one-hour block of time each day for "quiet time." This is when everyone in the house will retire to their rooms for a few moments of peace and quiet. You can even break this up into smaller parts throughout the day. These parenting pauses provide an opportunity for both children and parents to rest, snooze, read, or simply zone out.

5. Exercise is an excellent stress reliever.
Involve your youngster in a daily activity that you may both enjoy. A few yoga poses, a brisk jog or stroll around the block, or a bike ride around the neighbourhood can all suffice. Another excellent option is to construct an obstacle course in the garden using common home items. After a hot summer day, physical activity can be a pleasant relief for both you and your child.

When the days are intended to be simple, breezy, and fun in the summer, don't forget to pause and make sure your frustration isn't as scorching as the thermostat.

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