Introducing Hilarious Teacher Comics

This Comic is based on real life interactions our team has had with many teachers over the course of 6 years. We have interacted with teachers for content on the website. Teachers are also part of the panel that vets many of our content posters and Flash Cards.

During casual coffee breaks , our conversations with teachers gives us great insight into the psyche of students, how they interact with each other, how they learn and many aspects of developmental Psychology.

During these conversations we have never failed to be surprised by real life situations in classrooms that are hilarious and fun.  

While brainstorming during a website content meeting, our team came with this idea of creating cute comics as a way to capture these classroom situations. This is also a tribute to all the teachers who contributed towards our growth and development. Their contributions continue to shape us even in our adult life. It could be a reading habit that an English teacher helped us develop, may be it is a love for yoga that a PT teacher helped us develop, may be a math teacher saw something in us and sparked a life long love for the subject. 

These comics illustrate the Hardwork, passion and care that teachers bring towards students everyday. 

Team Ekdali

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