Importance of Motivation in Young Children

Motivating children in the early stages of their childhood, help young minds learn to take on more responsibility and indulge in more creative and varied learning throughout their life.

Motivation is thus a key component in a child’s development both at home and in school since it is the driving force which helps them to act and successfully complete any given task.

Motivation is described as ‘a state that energizes, directs and sustains behaviour’. It directs behaviour towards specific goals and the effort and interest to sustain the activity till completion. Every parent should know what type of motivation works best in a given situation is the key to effective learning and performance for there kids.

The following tips and strategies that will motivate your child to learn.

1. Develop an atmosphere of reading - Children who develop a love of reading, develop a love for learning. Children who struggle with reading, struggling with learning. Decorate the study room, living room, play area with  bright colors and motivational quotes posters.

2. Encourage open communication - Encourage your child to express his opinion about what's going on with his mind. Create an open atmosphere where he feels comfortable expressing his likes, dislikes or concerns.

3. Focus on your child's interests -  If you really want to help your child to become a good learner, encourage him to explore topics and subjects that fascinate him.

4. Introduce and encourage different types of learning styles - Help your child discover his preferred learning styles, you can use techniques that will improve his rate and quality learning.

5. Make every day a learning day - Whenever possible, encourage your child to explore the world around him, ask questions and make connections. Help him categorize, classify and think critically of what he sees and experiences.

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