How to Maintain Good Mental Health for Kids During Summer Vacation

Summer break is typically a time for children to rest and unwind. Most children look forward to summer vacation, but for some, the change in routine can be disruptive. Overall kids may feel increasing anxiety as summer break begins.

Here are some suggestions for kids and families to prioritize mental health over the summer break:

Create structure with schedules.

Most children thrive on regularity. The key is consistency; for example, stick to the same wake-up and bedtimes every day, organize a Zoom call with family members once a week, or plan a weekly playdate with their pals.

Plan entertaining activities.

Spend some time organizing entertaining activities with your kids. Children who may feel unhappy because they are unable to visit their typical circle of friends might participate in new, enjoyable activities such as summer camp or swim lessons. Children who enjoy reading can take advantage of the time to read more. Other activity ideas scheduling family activities like a weekly game night or a cookout.

Enjoy your time outside.

Although this can be difficult when temperatures increase, children benefit significantly from physical exercise and being out of the house for a bit. Going for an evening bike ride, swimming, or even walking around the block might make children happier. Getting out of the house also reduces screen time. Children should take off their screens for a bit and enjoy the weather.

Make family time a priority!

Summer break typically means no work for children, but most parents do not have the same luxury. Many parents are unable to take time off during the summer, but children do not require a parent to take a month off in order to enjoy excellent family time. Even simple activities, such as cooking or having a family movie night, can have an impact on children.

Find a balance.

Some kids may find summer burdensome if their parents try to squeeze in too many activities. While it is crucial to find exciting activities for children, they should also be allowed to rest and enjoy some leisure. The challenge is learning to strike a balance between too much and too little. Learning to combine work and play is a skill that youngsters may apply throughout their lives.

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