Fun math Quiz for kids, ages 4 to 5

Find here the math quiz question for kids and have fun answering questions related to a range of different math topics.

1. I have 8 Apples. I eat 2 of them. How many are left?

2. Riya has 4 cookies. She makes 3 more. How many does she have now?

3. Which number comes before 15?

4. I have 12 books. I lose 2 of them. How many do I have left?

5. A pencil cost Rs.4. How much do 2 pencils cost?

6. Disha drinks 2 cups of juice. Charvi drinks 3 cups. How many cups have they both drunk in total?

7. I have Rs.10 I spend Rs.6. How much do I have left?

8. Anu has 3 pens. Rosy has 5 more than any. How many does Rosy have?

9. How many 5s make 20?

10. I have 60 paise. How much more paise do I need to make one Rupee?

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