Five Ways to Reunite Your Family at the Dinner Table

If eating on the move or on the sofa is more usual than not, here’s how to reboot and reunite your family around the dinner table again.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much “family time” you get on a weekly basis? I’m not talking about attending baseball practice or having a sleepover for your daughter. I refer to spending time with simply the family, without friends or extracurricular activities taking priority. Since many of us are busy, we rarely spend quality time together. A world of convenience and immediate everything drives us along at such a rapid pace that many of us regret not making time to spend with our loved ones. We thus become overachievers and overeaters due to lack of sleep.

According to research, eating meals as a family has many advantages. Sharing meals together improves relationships and communication. According to statistics, children who frequently eat meals together as a family do better in school and generally make better decisions about alcohol, drugs, and other topics, even when faced with peer pressure. They also tend to adopt healthier dietary practices that translate into their teen years and adulthood.

But there is one issue. If you've been snacking on the go or on the couch for weeks, months, or even years, you might be wondering how you'll ever convince the others to join you. Here are five strategies to reassert the importance of the family dinner table:

1. Offer them options
Allow family members to select dinner in turn. Their enthusiasm and desire to participate are increased when they are given a sense of control and accountability.

2. Established themed days
Kids really do want structure, and the knowledge that it's "Taco Tuesday" gives them a sense of safety and excitement.

3. Delegate roles
The kitchen is a place for everyone. Everyone, from a child to an adolescent, can help with something, whether it's setting the table or loading the dishwasher. Make your time together throughout the setup and cleanup.

4. Plan ahead
You are obligated to eat dinner. We must satisfy growling stomachs. Look for recipes that suggest they can be prepared in around 30 minutes or less. Also, don't forget to use your slow cooker or crockpot. The meals may be prepared in around 30 minutes and will be hot and ready the moment you step in the door after a hard day, even if the recipes will take longer to cook.

5. Keep it upbeat
The atmosphere and tone of family dining time are enhanced by background music, lively discussion, and linguistic games like "I spy." Not now, not about poor grades, nor about filthy rooms. Designate a specific time to handle those concerns.

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