First Day at School

As my daughter begins yet another school, here are my thoughts for what I want out of this year. She resumes school after a considerable summer break of 3 months. Long breaks have a way of wearing us parents out, so quite honestly I had been looking forward to the start of the school year.

Our mornings started lazy with us sharing a leisurely breakfast along with stories that she loves to hear. While I worked, she sat beside me working her tiny hands with some clay dough, or coloring a page from her book, or playing with dolls. A good amount of outdoor time and lots of reading! As the week drew to an end I realized, we had become each other’s companions and I would be missing my tiny friend when she resumes school again. As with all good things in life, Parenting has always been a journey filled with conflicting emotions.

Milestones have a great way to motivate, I wrote down a list of what I wanted to do better for this. While the list runs almost a page long, the most important one in the list is to get better organized. Most of us can attest that spending precious time looking for the missing water bottle cap or the single sock has a way of increasing the collective blood pressure of the household and it takes well beyond the morning rush to wane! Human beings are unique in the fact that we hope. As I enter the 36th year of my life, I have hopes that organizing will ensure that I will not have to find the missing sock from inside the fridge and the bottle cap from inside wardrobe!

This hope also extends to what I want for my daughter — Academics, sports and other activities. As with any parent, my list runs long too of what she should pick up this year.

The world is at a transition as it always has been. But today, we meet people from different background and beliefs far more that we did before.

We get conflicting signals from everywhere, more so if we are women. In some circles people laud you for your achievements and in others they laud you for exactly the opposite reasons. In some demure is the adjective of choice; while in others it is bold and brave. Some laud your for standing up for yourself, while others ask you to blend in. My hope for this year for my daughter is that she realizes such conflict exists! As she grows I pray that she develops a personality of her own and can be her own person no matter what signals she gets from anybody.

This in effect sums up for my hopes for this academic year for my little one and myself. Wishing everyone a great school year ahead

About the Author:

Veena K — Mother to a 6 year old | Former Software Engineer | Freelance writer | Filter Coffee Junky | Loves to Dance

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