Education as the Greek Philosopher Plato saw it

Plato, the intellectual aristocrat of a democratic Greek nation believed that education was the cornerstone for developing a perfect state -“Utopia”. Much of what new research is throwing up today has antecedents in his work.It is believed that Plato traveled far and towards the East before he embarked on his quest for Utopia

He firmly believed that “Education by force has no hold on the mind” . Something that a lot of us know intuitively and also through a lot of research. .

Education must be free for all and each and every one must embark on similar early education plan. Based on Merit, then people could continue education or drop out at various stages to form various hierarchies in society .The epitome of all education Philosophy is taught to the most able and tenacious. He believed that “Philosopher- Kings” should rule the state and think and contemplate on issues of the state and rule Justly!

Most of us even after 3 Millenia are still in the quest for this Utopia! Education for all, Education based on Ones interests and the toughest of all educated rulers !