Creativity development exercises for toddlers

Role playing: There’s nothing more creative than having kids role play with either stuffed animals or dolls. Here they get to create conversations and situations however they’d like. This not only lets their imaginations soar, but also helps to build their social skills to see how the little people in their world interact.

Ending a story: Start a nice story with characters they love. Now prompt her to end to story the way she wants

Name Game: Ask your kid to tell to name as many things that have a particular trait. For example, Name all the things that are black in colour. You can keep progressing to more traits – Things that move fast/slow ; Things that are big/small ; things that are found in school / house.

Sketch & Create: Putting watercolour on paper and playing with different colours and strokes are a great mind openers. Watch them do and then ask them to explain.

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