Clever ways to get kids to eat vegetables

It can be difficult to get your child to eat vegetables. While some youngsters love trying new meals and veggies, others might require more exposure or special preparations.

Vegetables not only contain essential nutrients for growth and development, but also their early introduction can encourage your children to eat a variety of foods in the future.

These 6 suggestions may be useful if you're having trouble encouraging your toddlers to eat their vegetables.

1. Continue giving them vegetables.

It's simple to become disappointed if your child rejects a vegetable, especially if you've tried multiple times to convince them to eat it. But if you repeatedly present them with the same vegetable, there's a decent chance they'll give it a try eventually.

2.  Get them involved in the preparation and shopping

Spend some time with your children in the produce area of the grocery store if you can so they become accustomed to eating vegetables.

For instance, ask them to choose a butternut squash or point to the particular tomato on the stack that they desire. Discuss the name of the vegetable and its flavour with them.

3. Use their favourite foods as a medium for greens

When given as a side dish by themselves, veggies may take some kids a while to warm up to them. In these situations, adding vegetables to meals kids already like can be beneficial.

If your child enjoys sambhar, make sure to add more vegetables in the sambhar. In many regions in South Tamil Nadu, it is traditional practice to add over 10 vegetables in the sambhar

You can add Ash gourd and Bottle gourd to dal

4. Choose serving plates in vibrant colours and fascinating shapes.

A child's willingness to consume vegetables can occasionally be influenced by factors other than the vegetable itself.

Try cutting the vegetables into stars, hearts, or other shapes if your toddler rejects them when they are sliced or diced. These forms can be created with a knife or, for ease, with fruit and vegetable cutters.

5. Include vegetables in meatballs, sauces, porridge, smoothies, muffins, and other dishes.

Vegetables have the remarkable quality of being simple to incorporate into recipes, frequently in hardly perceptible ways. There are countless ways to incorporate vegetables into meals.

By combining vegetables with other ingredients, you can conceal them in sauces and dips. For instance, try creating caramelised onion dip, tomato sauce with vegetables, or red Rotis by adding Beetroot

6. Talk up vegetables and eating Vegetables

Try to talk up vegetables and what all they can do for your health. Eat more vegetables in front of your kids. Kids follow what parents do

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