Character Building Short Stories for Kids

Character Building Short Stories for Kids

Short Story 1 - There is no pain without gain

Long ago, there were two big stones lying lying at the edge of the village. They were lying in the same place from hundreds of years. They were bored of this existence and wanted to do become something in their lives.

One day a sculptor came to the village in search of a stone to carve a sculpture. His sight fell on these two stones. He examined them and decided to carve a beautiful sculpture. He washed the stones and cleaned them. Both the stones were excited that finally they are going to become something.  He took out a nail, hammer and other equipments and started to carve the first stone. The stone could not take the pain of being sculpted. It did not cooperate at all. It became very difficult for the sculptor to pierce the nail  into the stone with his hammer. He tried with nails and hammers of all sizes and intensity, but failed to carve.

He moved to the second stone and started the same procedure here. In the beginning, the second stone also felt unbearable pain. But it made its mind firm and stood stiff . It  allowed the sculptor to carve how ever he wanted to. It took some days for the sculptor to do his work. The stone stood bearing all the pains and sustained all the grief. Finally, the sculptor made a marvelous idol from the stone. . He called the villagers and showed it to them. The villagers also loved the idol. They decided to build a temple for the idol. Soon, a lot of people together worked day and night and built a beautiful temple and positioned the idol inside it.

Very soon, the talks about the beauty of the idol spread across hundreds of miles. Thousands of devotees came and bowed in front of the idol. 

The stone which was just lying of the ground without any special feature became an idol of worship!

Parenting takeaway:

This is a beautiful story that teaches kids that it is not possible to have great results without putting in the effort. Often, that effort means sacrificing a lot of things one enjoys such as TV time or sleep time or play time. But the key lesson for kids here is that one has to go through pain if one wants to achieve something

Story 2 -  Hardwork is the only route to success

Once upon a time in a town which was on the bank of the river Cauvery, there lived 3 brothers - Sam, Ricky and Rony. They had a simple life. Sam loved nature. He showed interest and curiosity towards learning different things in nature. He Spent most of the time on the farm. He grew mangoes, bananas and other crops.  He nurtured the plants  and made sure that they yielded good friuit.

Ricky was smart. He had traits of a good businessmen. he had a shop where he sold the yields which came from their farm. Over the years, he had built connections with other towns, procured orders and supplied good to many other towns.

Rony loved to travel. He had excellent driving skills. He would travel to different places to fulfil the orders on time. Rains or long distances did not hinder his driving skills or punctuality.

On a slow  Sunday afternoon, the three borthers were enjoying a small picnic on their farm. Ricky said that he was bored of his routine and wanted to have an easy life. Rony seconded Ricky and added his points in the same line. They had a lengthy discussion.  Finally, Ricky and Rony decided to take a break from their usual lifestyle. Since they had enough money, they thought of hiring more people to assist them and do their jobs so that they could lead a more luxurious life. Sam disagreed. He said that they had all the money and comforts because of their hard work. If they don’t do the, they would be in loss. But Ricky and Rony were in no mood to listen.

Ricky hired people to look after the shop and also to bring business to them. Rony hired a driver and got himself a luxury car and started to spend more travelling to holiday resorts and hill stations with his friends.

Sam continued to go to the field and followed the same timetable. Days passed, slowly their business began to fall. There were complaints of untimely delivery of goods and unattended phone calls. Gradually number of business deals became lesser. This started worrying all the 3 of them. Ricky and Rony understood that the people who they had hired were not up to the mark.Ricky and Rony realised that they need to spend more time attenting to their business and train their people.

Over time, Ricky was able to get more business than the farm could produce because along with help he also started to focus, so they started procuring more from nearby farms to sell. As they made more money, they invested it back on business and bought more farms and more vehicles. Soon, they were a big business giving a lot of jobs to people . In addition, the brothers were able to plan and take breaks 

Parenting Takeaway:

This is a great story to teach business acument to kids. While initally the brother's strayed from the path of hard work, once they decided to work hard again and change the way they operated , they were able to do a lot more.


Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 


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