Birds of the World - King Eider

Eiders are large seaducks in the genus Somateria and colonial breeders.

Eiders are heavy and round-bodied, with humped bills that produce the bird’s characteristic sloping profile. They are the source of eiderdown—down feathers the hen plucks from her breast to line the nest and cover the eggs in her absence.

Habitat - Ocean
Food - Aquatic invertebrates
Nesting- Ground 
Behavior - Surface Dive
Conservation - Low Concern

There are three types of Eiders .

This is the king Eider, the difference is very observable between the male and the female

The King Eider forages on sea beds up to 80 feet deep. The female King Eider alone attends the nest. When an intruder is present, the female sits low on the nest with her head flattened on the ground. She sits tightly on the eggs and sometimes can be touched or picked up off of the nest.

Eiderdown is used as warm filling for jackets, pillows, quilts, and sleeping bags. 

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