Beat Exam Stress

It is that time of the year again, Exams round the corner and stress as a major side effect of the whole process. Here are 5 simple things we can do to ensure that stress levels are reduced and kids are in general more successful with exams

1. Create a larger learning Goal. Ensure that you keep the goals SMART, but not necessarily stressful. Example: Learn 5 science units by end of February is a very good goal. A stress inducing one could be, Get 100% marks in Science J

2. Ensure that kids prepare a time- table for their study time. It is a good idea to guide them towards spending more time towards subjects that they might be weak in

3. Ensure that kids have light physical activity, such as yoga, daily . Exam time stress can lead to kids falling sick and thereby leading to further stress. Light physical activity ensures that they stay healthy. This can be added in the goal sheet too

4. A distraction Free learning space is very important. Ensure that there is a separate space for kids to learn. Also for most kids, a parent working/ reading near them is the best show of solidarity and support

5. Let them have a small window of free time to do what they love. If that is spending (wasting according to parents) time on Instagram/ Facebook, let them have it. It breaks stress and helps them rejuvenate

Our research based Goal Tracker can help you in this process too. They are a great visual affirmation to help you stay the track. Ensure that you don’t have more than 3 goals; most of us cannot handle more than that. Break the goals into habits that can be tracked on a daily basis. Ensure you reward yourself for small milestones achieved.

Our yoga Asanas poster designed in association with a yoga expert is a set of 7 simple asanas and can be easily included in the daily routine

Please remember to breathe and take out time for yourself. We wish you the very best .

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