Ancients- Dushala (Only Kaurava Sister)

.Dushala was the only Kaurava sister She treated the Pandavas as her own brothers.They treated her as their own sister too.As a child, Dushsala enjoyed the all the comforts that life could give and she was greatly pampered. However, her suffering began in the later years of her life, when she got married.Dushala was married to Jayadratha, the king of Sindhu. He was not very kind to her and had a bad reputation.

After the Mahabharata, during the Ashwamedha Sacrifice, the Pandava horse came to Sindhu, ruled by Suratha, Dushala's son. He stood up to Arjuna and was defeated. But, seeing that Dushala was very sad, Arjuna proclaimed Suratha’s infant son as the ruler of Sindhu. 

Sindhu was an ancient kingdom that stretched the banks of river Sindhu (Indus) in ancient India.



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