5 things to know about Montessori mode of education

1. Child first: The Montessori method is child-centered.  It is based on getting children to be engaged in activities and actions that will help them learn more.


2. Reach potential: Each child considered unique in their ability to engage and understand concepts. So, he/she is  encouraged to reach his full potential.  A child in the Montessori classroom can have different pace of learning compared to others in her class.

3. Respect & Guide: The Montessori Method stays true to the belief that children learn best in a respectful, supportive environment. Teachers guide instead of dominate.  

4. Hands-on: Learning occurs through special materials. Children become comfortable correcting and challenging their own work. The method  encourages children to learn through immersion, independent investigation, and multi-sensory learning.

5. Keep moving: Students complete their work moving through the class in different environments instead of being forced to stay at a desk.  When adults don’t enjoy staying trapped at their desk all day,  Why would we want that for our children?

What this means for teachers: Teachers do not have to teach to the middle level of the class room. Teachers have to adapt their engagement to the pace and level of the students.