4 Diwali Stories to tell kids why we celebrate Diwali

Diwali Story about Lord Krishna defeating Narakasur

Bhaumasur, a demon also known as Narakasur, once seized several kingdoms. He received a blessing from Lord Brahma stating that he would only perish at the hands of Bhoomi Devi, his own mother (mother earth). Bhoomi Devi had previously received a boon from Lord Vishnu stating that her son would only pass away if she so desired.

With a double boon at his disposal and a tyrannical attitude, Narakasur dominated. He was an extremely evil man who had no respect for ladies or devatas (demigods). In addition to defeating Indra, he kidnapped 16,000 ladies and held them captive in his palace.

Indra went to Lord Krishna and told him about all of Narakasur's crimes. Lord Krishna and his devoted wife Satyabhama marched toward Pragjyotishpur, the demon king’s capital. There followed a fierce fight between Lord Krishna and Narkasur.

During, the battle Lord Krishna fell unconscious, this enraged Satyabhama and she took over the battle and finally finished Narakasur.

In actuality, Lord Krishna had posed as being unconscious in order to persuade Sathyabhama to take  action against Narakasura.. Lord Krishna could nothave finished Narakasura as it was his destiny to be dead only at the hands of his mother. Sathyabhama was an incarnation of  Bhoomi Devi and so it was her destiny to be the slayer or Narakasura.

Diwali is celebrated as a reminder of victory of good over evil on this day.

Diwali Story on Lord Rama’s Return to ayodhya

Prince Rama used to reside in the ayodhaya, a beautiful city ! He was wed to the lovely Sita! However, fate decreed that they must endure 14 years of vanavasam (living in the forest).

During the Vanvas, the stunning Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. When she was being abducted, . Sita left behind hints. These hints guided Rama to the location where she was being held captive. Rama battled Ravana with the aid of his devoted brother Lakshman, his devotee Lord Hanuman, and a large number of other companions. and rescued Sita from the clutches of Ravana!

The people of Ayodhya lit up the streets and their homes with lamps to celebrate Lord Rama’s vitory over Ravana  and his return to Ayodhya and take up his throne! They gave Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana a warm greeting! Since then, that day has become known as Diwali and is remembered and honoured for their bravery and victory over the darkness.

Diwali Stories : Narasimha protecting the world from Hiranyakashipu

Lord Vishnu's Man-Lion incarnation Narasimha came to earth to protect it from the evil King Hiranyakashipu.

Hiranyakashipu  had received a boom from Lord Brahma because of his sever Penance . He received the blessing that no man or animal could ever murder him, in the day or at night, inside or outside.

Hiranyakashipu regarded himself like God and unleashed atrocities on his subjects. But when Hiranyakashipu's crimes became more egregious and caused pain, Lord Vishnu took on the form of Narasimha, a hybrid of a man and a lion. He was neither a man nor an animal as a result. He used his claws to murder Hiranyakashipu soon before dawn, when it was neither night nor day.

It was a victory of joy over the evil King. This tale is engraved on the pillars of several temples in South India. This is a Diwali story told in the south India

Diwali Stories: Diwali celebrated in the Mahabharata

Here is a Diwali Story from the Mahabharata.. In a trickery-filled game of dice against the crafty Kauravas, the five Pandava brothers lose everything they own.

They struggled through years of exile in the forest and endured many hardships. On the dark, moonless night of Kartika Amavasya, the brothers and their wife Draupadi return to their kingdom after years of enduring countless tribulations. Excitedly welcoming them back, their devoted people light a large number of clay lamps.

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