Tips for Improving Handwriting: Easy But Powerful Strategies

Have you ever struggled to read a note that you wrote yourself? If so, you might need to practise your handwriting. You don't have to have calligraphy-esque calligraphy, but you do need to work on making your handwriting legible. We therefore present to you some advice on how to enhance handwriting. Move along!

Simple suggestions for bettering handwriting


Beautiful or even legible handwriting is not only for decorative or aesthetic purposes. It enables you to express your thoughts to others in a clear manner. It can also be a means of self-expression. Not only that, but it also enhances your eye-hand coordination. Here are some strategies that can help you improve your handwriting and get all these benefits.

Warm up by doing hand exercises.

Perform some enjoyable exercises such as lightly drumming on the desk, lightly touching the tips of your fingers with your thumb, keeping your hand still on the table and lifting your fingers one at a time, rotating your wrist in a clockwise and anticlockwise motion, and so on before you begin writing.

Follow the prewriting patterns.

On a piece of paper, practise drawing standing lines, sleeping lines, curves, zigzags, waves, spirals and loops of various sizes. It will make sure that you can comfortably grasp the pencil or pen and aid in giving you control over your hand motions. Additionally, as they are the fundamentals of letter writing, you'll gain more confidence as a result.

Practise with various letter families.

Simply put, a letter family is a collection of related letters. For example, z, v, w, x.  You can determine whether you are writing letters correctly by practising each of these letter families separately. You might also make a shortlist of the letters you should practise more.  

Separate the words with space.

Even when the letter formation is correct, poor spacing between letters and words can frequently render handwriting unreadable. Writing with a ruler or making sure there is one finger space between the two words are two ways to ensure proper spacing.

Do keep in mind that while following these suggestions will help you write better, it will take time and dedication for them to be effective. To maintain your beautiful handwriting, do not forget to practise frequently and to rejoice in minor victories along the way. Good luck!

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