Short stories for kids on working together as a team

Short story one: A game of Football

Once in a class there were three friends - Amit, Rahul and Janaki. They were 5th graders. They were the best of friends . They had been in the same section for the last 3 years and had become best friends in the last two years.

The teachers kept putting them in different parts of the class so that they could keep them from talking to each other. But, this didn’t stop them from meeting during lunch time.  They also happened to live in the same street and met almost everyday to play at the neighbourhood park.

It so happened that there were trials for the football team and the three of them got selected in the same team. They were supposed to play matches against different sections to determine which section was the best. 


For 5 A Amit was chosen as the captain. Rahul and Janaki were good midfielders. Their first match was against 5 B and Amit suddenly started behaving very oddly. He would never pass the ball to his team members. He wouldn’t even pass the ball to Rahul or to Janaki.  

The 5B team captain on the other hand was very smart and within moments of the match she understood that Amit would never pass the ball, so she made her entire team just follow Amit around the field and tackled the ball and was able to score 5 goals

The 5 A team lost, in the evening at the park Rahul and Janaki gave a earful to Amit. They told him he was conceited and that's why they lost the match. 

The next day, the match was with  section 5C . This time Amit had learnt his lesson and he passed the ball every time. He also involved his team in making game plan and strategy. Soon, the 5 A team had their first goal. This time it wasn’t easy for the opponent team. The 5A team won the match 3-1

Amit had learnt that it is very difficult to do anything alone and we must work with our teams to accomplish our goals

Moral of the story:

Here the moral of the story is that sometimes we tend to take leadership roles in our ego and think we are better than our team. This is never true. We will always do well if we work together with our teams

Short Story Two: How the hre cooperated with teh tortoise

We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare. Here is a quick recap. The hare was very fast and the tortoise was very slow. The hare decided to challenge the tortoise to a race. On the race day, the hare started the race very fast, but felt a bit tired in between and took a tiny nap under a tree. The tortoise on the hand was slow and steady. He crossed the sleeping hare and at a steady pace reached the end line. The Hare woke up and saw that the turtle was nowhere to be seen. The hare just assumed that the turtle was behind and made a dash to the finish line, only to find that the tortoise had won the race

From that day on, the hare never made fun of the tortoise. But, he went step further and collaborated with the tortoise . One day, the kind of the forest wanted a message delivered very quickly to his counterpart who lived in the neighbouring forest A deep river separated the two forests

The hare spoke to the tortoise and they decided that it was faster if they did the route together. On the land the hare carried the tortoise on his back and on the river the tortoise carried the hare and together they delivered the message in the quickest possible way.

Moral of the story:

It is always a good idea to collaborate with people who are different from us. They will have complementary strengths and together we will be able to achieve great things

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