Short Stories for Kids on Mindfulness and Empathy


Short Story one - Being in the present Moment

Once upon a time there was a pond, lived a family of swan. They were a happy family. . Every day, the baby swans ( Cygnets) used to swim across in the pond and play along with each other. The youngest one was the cutest among all. Her name was Ally.

One day, the swans planned to go for a picnic to a bigger lake. All of them were excited except for Ally. She had heard from a friend that there was a big crocodile living in one of the lakes near the pond. Ally was worried that the crocodile would prey on them.

She became worried and expressed it to her parents. They told her that they knew for sure that the lake they were planning to visit did not have any crocodiles, but she continued to be worried.

Even in while in the picnic, though all her brothers and sisters enjoyed, she spent all her time looking aroud for the crocodile. Finally, the day was over and they were all back with a wonderful time and carrying great memory, but Ally did not enjoy any of her moments.

Parenting takeaway:

There is an old proverb  -“ Do not cross your bridges before you come to them”.  There is no point in worrying about something till it really happens. We would  not be able to lead a happy life if we keep imagining things and worrying about them

Short Story two - Empathy towards others

Once upon a time in a forest the there was a big group of monkeys .They lived in  a big canopy of trees with variety of fruits and leaves and flowers. Among the group of monkeys there were three little monkey who were best friends. They were neighbors too. They always used to be together and would do a lot of mischievous things together.  Almost every day, their parents received complaints about them. Sometimes they would rush into someone’s house and eat all the food, make fun of older monkeys, or tease the little monkeys. Their parents were tired of correcting and disciplining the little monkeys.

They decided to meet Elle the elephant. Elle was their good friend. They told her about their kids. Elle said that she will teach them a lesson. After a few days, Elle visited the monkey’s home.. When the monkeys greeted her, she did not respond but made fun of them. She took their snacks and ate it! She misplaced all their toys and clothes. She teased them and pushed them away gently. The monkeys got very scared.  They started to cry.

The little monkeys were shocked that their aunty Elle would be so mean.  They ran to their mothers and complained about Elle. The mothers explained to the little monkeys that this exactly how the others would have felt when they did all the mischievous deeds.

The little monkeys realized their mistake and did not repeat the mistake.

Moral of the Story:

While Elle the elephant takes teaching the monkeys a lesson to the next level, the message here is that people stop ill treating others when they start empathizing with others.  The best solution is to have conversations and explain the others point of view.

Short stories for kids are great ways to teach values. They are great conversation starters too. You can talk about characters, you can talk about the story plot and also talk about the moral of the story. Happy reading and talking. Do take a minute to see our maps and flash cards


Smitha Prasad is a budding writer who writes articles and short stories for kids. She believes that childhood is the right age to inculcate the right values in kids. It helps them to develop into confident adults.  She designs and runs a kid’s magazine called A LITTLE MORE-An Engaging booklet, through which she tries to reach kids that helps kids stay away from screen, build conversations and build the right mindset in kids 


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