Short Stories for Kids on Being Respectful

The King's palace employed Mir as a servant. One day, the daughter of a wealthy merchant was getting married.

Mir made the decision to attend the wedding. He took a seat on one of the seats set aside for the wealthiest citizens of the kingdom when he got to the merchant's home.

When the shopkeeper saw this, he hurried over to Mir and obnoxiously requested that he get up from the chair.

Mir was really irate after being insulted. He had an idea for getting revenge for this terrible insult.Oh what a wife the King has, he exclaimed. Instead of staying at her own house, she spends more time there.

Mir's amazement at the King's surprise! "Can you prove what you are saying," he roared in fury as he grabbed Mir by the arm. By stating such things, you are demeaning both the Queen and me!”

Sir, I don't know what I was saying, Mir said in response. I should have mumbled anything last night because I drank a lot. I apologise for this, please.

But the King's mind already harboured a seed of uncertainty.

The merchant was immediately fired from his post in the King's court and all grants and loans to him were immediately ceased. The merchant was perplexed as to why the King had suddenly grown angry with him.

He made the decision to ask the King for a meeting so they could discuss the issue. But the King's guards forbade him from entering.

Mir, fortunately, was walking by. Mir hurried to the guards when he saw that the merchant was in trouble and yelled, "Don't you know that he is the richest merchant in the kingdom and a very respected man?”

The guards let the  merchant in after hearing what Mir had to say.

The merchant saw how unjust he had been to Mir during his daughter's wedding when he returned home. The following morning, he went back to the palace and expressed his regret to Mir. He extended an invitation and gave the man a pouch filled with silver coins.

Mir decided to repair the harm he had done to the merchant at this point.

So the following day, when he was working at the castle, he once more started grumbling aloud as he saw the King approaching. What a stupid King this empire has, he said. He consumes fruit in the lavatory.

What the King heard astounded him. Then, he reasoned to himself, "Mir must have been lying about the merchant and the Queen a few days ago if he could possible claim this about me in his intoxicated state.

The merchant was invited to the palace by the King when he realised he had done hastily.

Moral of the Story: 

We must respect everyone. If the Merchant had not insulted the servant during his daughter’s wedding, he would not have had to go through so much difficulty

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