Short Stories for Kids on Being Happy with ourselves

Once there lived a baby crow with his parents. They were a happy family . Every night the family would gather around the dining table and talk about the day. Mama crow and Dada crow would go out to gather food and talk about the beautiful sights they saw in their flight.

Everyday they would draw a map of their locality and show it to the baby crow.  They had a small place in the wall where they added the sights they saw on the map. They described the other animals they saw and met. The other birds they would hang around with in the places where  they went to gather food. Baby crow could not fly yet, so he was not able to go out with them. He would imagine all the sights, sounds and the animals his parents described and yearn to start school

Baby crow would usually stay home in the neighbourhood and play with other crows his age. They played games like hide and seek, chain, Pittu etc. He would be exhausted by the time his parents came with the food. He looked forward to their stories as much as he looked forward to the food.

Soon, the baby crow started to fly small distances and it was time for him to join school. Baby crow was very excited about school. The school was in another neighbourhood and he would have to fly quite a distance to reach there. He was excited about making new friends. He did not know what new things he was going to learn.He was also excited about seeing all the localities and sights on the map his mama and dada had drawn for him. Most of all he was excited about having more stories to tell like his parents.

He started counting days until school would start. Finally D day was here. He wore his best clothes and flew to school. 

His parents were very excited about dinner time to hear the stories from the baby crow.  Mama crow had looked and gathered baby crows' favourite food for the day. Dada crow had cleaned up their house and put up a poster saying.” Happy school start”. They excitedly waited for baby crow to return .

That night however nothing went as per plan. Baby crow came back very sad from school. He was dejected, he didn't eat well and was not at all upbeat. When his parents tried to find out why he was upset he didn’t want to talk about it and went straight to bed. His parents decided that may be the baby crow was adapting well to the change of going to school.

This morose mood continued for about a week. Finally on Saturday morning mama crow sat down baby crow and persuaded him to reveal what the matter was . She assured him that she and dada will try to solve any issues that he might be having .

Finally Baby crow blurted out,” I don’t like the fact that I am not colourful. All the other birds are colourful. The peacock especially. But I don't have any colours and I feel sad because of that. I want feathers like the peacock”

Mama crow was stunned, she told baby crow not to worry and that she would find a solution. That evening Mama crow and papa crow met their friend for coffee. They discussed baby crow’s predicament with their friend. Now, it so happened that this friend was a doctor. He told the parents not to worry and to get the baby crow to his clinic.

The very next day, mama crow took baby crow to the clinic. The doctor crow said he could make some quick changes to the baby crow and attach peacock feathers to him. The baby crows' happiness knew no bounds. He started jumping around. Soon the doctor finished the procedure and attached peacock feathers to the baby crow.

Baby crow was very happy with the way he looked. He jumped out of bed and as soon as he jumped out he fell. He got up and walked and felt that he couldn't balance himself. The doctor explained that its because of the large peacock feathers. He offered to remove them. But the baby crow was adamant. He slowly walked back home with his mom lifting the heavy peacock train.

The next morning he tried to fly to school, but he was not able to . After a day or two he realised that the peacock feathers were no fun and that they were not made for him. The minute he realised this, he went to the clinic and got his old feathers back. After that he never once complained about how he looked, because he realised that his feathers and his looks were designed by nature for him

Moral of the story:

This is a beautiful story to explain to kids that we should be happy with who we are and life has given us what suits us best and  we not covet what suits other people.

Author of the Story: 

This story is written by team ekdali's in house content team

At Ekdali, we believe that short stories are a great way to help kids start their reading journey. They also helpkids stway away from screen time,

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