Short stories for kids on appreciating simple things

Short Stories for kids - Holding Hands

Holding someone’s hand in your own and feeling the simplest of touch, the smallest of gesture brings such comfort to your being that it cannot be measured. Just like a picture speaks a thousand words, holding hands says a lot more without words; in sadness, it provides support; in happiness, it provides company; in weakness, it provides strength and in childhood, it provides safety.

It’s such a small gesture that often requires no conscious effort but also goes unnoticed at times. 

I am Ella and the world I live in, magic is the norm. Magic is everywhere, in everyone but even with magic, I or anyone else have not found a solution.

I have seen mom and dad holding hands. Whenever mom gets annoyed at dad, he holds her hand and gives the tiniest of tugs with a cheeky grin and just like that, she gets over her annoyance and smiles back at him. I have seen grandma hold Kitsu’s hand as he keeps jumping and running. I have seen everyone hold hands and there are times that I wish I could too.

I don’t like to think much about it but at times, I do wonder how it would feel to hold someone’s hand. It’s a wishful thinking, I know. I do know that it’s difficult for others to hold my hand without feeling immense pain, all thanks to my magic.

Mom and dad has tried numerous ways to be able to hold my hand but all in vain. Occasionally, they would still try to hold my hand and bear the pain with a smile. But, I can see the strain and I pull my hand. I cannot feel the joy of holding hands when I know that it’s causing them pain. 


I can see my best friend, shelly, from where I am lying on the grass under the shade of the tree. Her family moved here last year and after meeting a couple of times, she announced herself as my best friend. She was one of the few people to befriend me and look past my inability to touch.

Shelly plopped herself beside me and grinned from ear to ear.

“What’s gotten you so happy?” I asked her.

“Oh Ella, I have found a perfect work around for your hands.” She said excitedly.

I face palmed and muttered, “No, not again.”

“It will definitely work this time. Please believe me.” Shelly requested.

I am so tired of having my hopes up only to be disheartened at the end but I cannot say no to her pouty face, “Ok, shelly. But this is the last time. If it doesn’t work, you have to promise me that you will stop looking for solutions.” I told her.

“This will work. I can feel it, you know.” She said and looking at my glare she continued, ‘And if it doesn’t, I promise to stop pestering you.”

“Ok… so what did you come up with this time?” I asked her.

“I was reading the old scripts in the closed library.” Shelly started but I interrupted her, “You are not supposed to go into the closed library.”

Shelly glared at me and said, “I still went. You can complain to the authorities if you want. But you know what, I will still go if it means I will find a solution to your problem.”

“Oh shelly…” I said feeling loved.

“Oh, don’t get all emotional on me now.” She said, “Ok, listen. There’s something about a tree written in those old scripts. According to them, the leaves of this tree have an ability that it can absorb one’s power within itself.”

“It is temporary, in the sense that it absorbs the power only for a little while.”

I had so many questions and I asked, “Why haven’t me or anyone else have heard of this tree? Where can we find it? How does it work exactly? Do I need to hold the leaf in my hand for it to work? And if it does in fact works, won’t it be misused by others to block others”

Shelly sighed and said, “There are not much more details I could find but as far as I have searched it’s a pretty old tree hiding in plain sight, only the person looking for it with pure intentions can find it.”

“As for how it works, it’s a bit tricky. It’s written that the leaves connect with the person wearing them. It can absorb their power or the other person’s power but if the motive is dark, corrupt or wicked. The leaf backfires and the person wearing it will feel the full effect of it.”

I mulled over her words and asked, “How will we know which tree we are looking for?”

“It’s somewhere in the grey forest. And the tree will show itself to you.” She said.

“Lets go, then.” I said getting up. 

Sometime later, we were walking aimlessly in the forest trying to find the tree. We have been at it for two hours but still could not find even a trace of the tree’s existence. 

Tired, we both sat on the forest’s floor when suddenly a few rocks started moving and formed a path.

Startled, we both stood and with renewed energy, we ran down the path created by the rocks and it led to the tree. It was not as huge as I expected it to be. It was just like any other tree but its leaves were all of different shapes. Shelly nudged me towards the tree.

I was in awe and also a bit unsure of what to do.  I touched the trees truck when suddenly the tree glowed and a few leaves broke, weaving into trees branch and forming a bracelet on my wrist.

It took only a few seconds for the tree to do it but it felt a lot longer to me. The bracelet sat on my wrist, I could feel its energy pulsing with mine. It felt like an extended part of me.

“That’s it?” asked shelly with a raised brow.

“I guess so. The only way to find if it worked is for you to hold my hand.” I said extending my hand towards her.

“uh… do I have to?” she asked, “Can’t we use Kitsu as guinea pig for this?”

I rolled my eyes at her antics when she extended her hand and held mine in her own.

“Ouch… ahhh.” She screamed.

I hastily pulled my hand from hers, my heart sinking at another failed attempt when she suddenly laughed out loud.

“I am sorry but it was too good a chance to miss.” She apologized.

“You mean it worked? You didn’t feel the pain?” I asked her in shock.

“Yes, Ella. It worked, sweetheart.” She whispered hugging me.

Tears rolled down my eyes and I thanked her for everything she has done for me. She has given me a chance to feel what I have been missing. I will forever be grateful to her.

But still, I punched her, hard and said, “That’s for pulling such a prank on me.”

In life, there are times when we take things or people for granted. We forget to appreciate the small things that bring the most joy. So pause, take a break and remind yourself of the stuff that makes you the happiest and appreciate it.


This is a beautiful story to teach kids that often we think of big things as magic . May be a newly bought toy, but the real magic liesin simple things like human connection


Short stories for kids are great ways to teach children important life lessons without them sounding too preachy. At ekdali, we believe that children learn a lot of life lessons while interacting with adults and peers in a screen free environment. Our posters, maps and flashcards are some screen free way for kids to build knowledge and have conversations and interact


Manisha Sanghi - A lively mom to a witty toddler who loves baking not only stories but also cookies and cakes

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