Short for kids on responding to tough situations

Short Story One: How the elephant made new friends

A lone elephant searched the forest for companions. Soon after, she came upon a monkey and enquired, "Can we be friends, monkey?"

You are large and can't swing on trees like I can, so I cannot be your friend, the monkey retorted in a hurry.

Having been defeated, the elephant kept looking when it came across a rabbit. She then asked him, "Rabbit, can we be friends?"

You are too enormous to fit inside my burrow, the rabbit said, turning to face the elephant. You can’t  my friend.

The elephant kept going till she came across a frog. Will you be my friend, frog? she enquired.

You are too huge and heavy to jump like me, the frog retorted. You can't be my friend, I'm sorry.

The elephant kept asking the creatures she came across along the route, but she always got the same response. The elephant witnessed all of the woodland animals fleeing in terror the next day. When she stopped a bear to inquire about what was going on, she was informed that the tiger was attacking every tiny animal.

The elephant approached the tiger and begged him to leave her pals alone in order to save the other animals. Do not consume them.

The tiger paid no attention. He only instructed the elephant to behave herself.

The elephant kicked the tiger and scared him away since it had no other option. The other animals concurred after hearing the heroic narrative, saying, "You are just the proper size to be our friend."

Moral of the story:

Making new friends is very tough, but we should not give up. Sometimes, all it takes is helping someone to be their friend. The elephant got rejected many times, but he never gave up. This is a great way to understand how response to a given situation is in our hands

Short Story Two:  Potato, Egg and and Tea Leaves

Amani sought her father for advice since she was growing weary and frustrated with life. Her father instructed her to bring a potato, an egg, and two tea leaves. He then took out three pots, put water in them, and set them on the stove.

He instructed Amani to put the things into each pot once the water was boiling and to keep an eye on them. After waiting about ten minutes, he instructed Amani to peel the potato, the egg, and the leaves. Amani was perplexed.

"Each thing was thrown into the same condition, boiling water," her father said in his explanation. Watch how each one reacted differently.

The egg was soft, but it is now hard, he continued. Once hard, the potato is now squishy. Moreover, the tea leaves altered the water itself.

The father then questioned, "Do we respond to adversity in the same way they have? Are you a potato, an egg, or some tea leaves right now?

Moral of the story:

People respond to different situations differently. But in each of the above cases, only after going through the adversity of boiling did the three items become useful. It is the same with humans, we can reach our full potential only if we go through adversity. We can each respond differently, but adversity is a character building


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