Setting Technology Boundaries for Kids

American Pediatric Association guidelines states the following guidelines with respect to kids technology usage

Kids under 2 years should have 0 screen time!! We know its difficult but there is merit in the recommendation

Screen time should be less that 1 hour for kids between 2 to 5 ages. For older kids, a parent or caregiver needs to set boundaries for technology usage.  The boundaries can be about multiple parameters such as Screen time,  Type of content consumed, Time of the day  etc. Boundaries keep our children safe

How can we set these Boundaries for our kids?
  1. Set Parental Controls right Away: As soon as you get a new device, get familiar with the device yourself. Once you are familiar with the working of the device, set the levels of parental control in the device. . You can limit browsing time, you can limit app downloads and purchases and  you can get alerts to your device whenever they download something. It might feel like you are curtailing their privacy, but it is done in the best interest of the child. You can discuss with the child and set these up as well. These are essential to protect kids from predatory technology and technology users online.
  2. Set Time limits on use: you and your child can discuss and set time boundaries. You can also use apps to set screen time limits. Remember, screen time usage is not just bad for eyes, its is also detrimental to their development
  3. Check in with kids as to what they are seeing online:  Just like how you have a conversation with kids after they return from school, you can have conversations about what they are doing online
  4. Consider having periodic tech breaks: You can decide to have a no tech days once in a week.  This might be difficult to implement, use the time to do some thing else with the kid. You may consider playing card games or board games – Check link for Flash card game here
At ekdali, we believe in two way conversations. We believe that children should time away from screen. Our products are created to help parents in their objective of reducing screen time. Do check out our posters, wall books, and flash cards here

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