Lord Ganesh Short Stories for Kids - Kindness and Humility lessons for Kids

Short Story one : Lord Ganesha and the Cat

Lord Ganesha was a very mischievous youngster. He once heard a cat purring while he was playing. He seized the cat by the tail and started to play with it after capturing it.

He started twisting the cat's tail till it cried out in pain and tried wrench itself free of his grasp, tormenting it even more. The cat spun around in the air and then plummeted violently to the ground, hurting itself. It fled to its residence in the highlands while yowling in agony.

Later in the day,  Lord Ganesha went home to have his supper.Upon entering, he yelled for his mother Parvati to give him some food. He was astonished to find her covered in dust and battered in wounds , when she approached him with the supper. She was clearly suffering.Being the mother of this planet, he believed his mother to be so powerful that no one could have the guts or the power to harm her in this way and bring her anguish.

He thought for a while and suddenly realisation hit him. He realised that if his mother was the creator of all life on earth, then she must have left a piece of herself in every living thing. She was extremely uncomfortable if any of the life forms were harmed or in pain. She was everywhere because she was Divine, and since he had hurt the cat, her anguish and suffering had to include the cat's suffering as well.Lord Ganesha swore never to cause pain to any living beings again.

Parenting Take Away

This is a beautiful story in our mythology . It highlights the importance of being kind to all living beings

Short Story Two: A Lesson in Humility

The God of wealth and prosperity, Kubra, once grew too haughty about his fortune. He used to constantly brag about how rich he was. He had the idea one day to display his splendour to all of the Gods and heavenly beings. Kubera planned a lavish supper and sent out invitations after that. Finally, he arrived at Kailash Mountain and extended an invitation to Lord Mahadev's family for dinner. Due of his omniscience, Lord Mahadev was able to discern Kuber's motivations and wanted to teach him a lesson. Once Kuber had left, Mahadev made a plan with Lord Ganesha.                

All of the visitors met at Kuber's home in the evening. Along with Lord Mahadev, Goddess Parvati, Kartikeya, and Lord Ganesh arrived. Everyone began partaking in the feast's goodies as soon as it began. After a short while, the guests began to depart, but Lord Ganesh continued to eat. Lord Ganesh kept eating for a few more hours. Kuber began to tremble as he realised that the storage unit was about to empty.

Kuber realized that he was being arrogant about his wealth and should make amends. When Kuber realised his mistake, he hurried to Mahadev for assistance. Kuber was given a "Kalash" filled with mystic water by Mahadev, who instructed him to take it to Lord Ganesh and offer it to him. In fact, Kuber's actions satisfied Lord Ganesha's appetite. Since that time, nobody has seen Kuber flaunt his wealth.

Moral of the Story:

This story is a great lesson in humility. It teaches kids that no matter how much wealth we have we should not flaunt it and stay humble. Humility is the only way

Why Short Stories For Kids?

Short Stories are  great conversation starters and  builders. They give a lot of opportunity for parents and care givers to talk about context, characters and  morals from stories. Our Mythology is a treasure trove of beautiful stories that can be told and retold to young children.  We have some poster sets based on Indian Mythology that can be a great way to decorate the kids room and also have conversations about these characters – Buy them here


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