Language Learning During Childhood

Language development is an amazing process. In fact, learning language is natural, an innate process babies are born knowing how to do.1 Interestingly, all children, no matter which language their parents speak, learn language in the same way.

The best way to encourage your child’s language development is to do a lot of talking together about things that interest your child. It’s all about following your child’s lead as they show you what they’re interested in by waving, babbling or using words.

As your child starts to coo, gurgle, wave and point, you can respond to your child’s attempts to communicate. For example, if your baby coos and gurgles, you can coo back to them. Or if your toddler points to a toy, respond as if your child is saying, ‘Can I have that?’ For example, you could say ‘Do you want the block?’

When your child starts using words, you can repeat and build on what your child says. For example, if your child says, ‘Orange,’ you can say, ‘You want an Orange?’

Reading with your child. When you read aloud with your child, you can point to words as you say them. This shows your child the link between spoken and written words, and helps your child learn that words are distinct parts of language. These are important concepts for developing literacy.

In addition to your inputs, social inputs in language development are very important too. If you live in a joint family then the child automatically picks more language from people around her.  In case you live in a smaller family set up, it is a good idea to take kids out to parks where they meet more people and listen to more language spoken .

It is also advisable, not to show screens because there is no scope for two way conversations in a screen.

You know your child best.

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