It Is Critical to Practise Mindfulness With Your Family During the Holidays

It can be tough to practise mindfulness with your family during the holidays, but it is critical! During this time of year, many parents report feeling overwhelmed. There are extra holiday-related chores, and stress is unavoidable with fewer days and managing changes in your children's school calendar. To add to the tension, we are SUPPOSED to be joyful, so we suppress our bad emotions.

Here are some parenting ideas for a stress-free holiday season:

1) Slow down on purpose to get more done. We get forgetful and irritated when we rush. Concentrate on one task at a time to make your to-do list more manageable and to feel more accomplished.

2) Be compassionate to yourself and say "no." It is acceptable to decline an invitation in favour of alone time to read, go on a walk, or soak in a lavender-infused bath. Self-care is an excellent value to instill in your children.

3) Make traditions that are unique to your family. If baking cookies from scratch isn't something you enjoy and don't have time for, start another custom that is more appropriate for your family. Maybe it's watching a holiday movie while making hot cocoa or chocolate-covered popcorn.

4) Assign chores based on everyone's strengths. Does your son enjoy assisting you in the kitchen? Allow him to plan and prepare a basic meal. Is your daughter imaginative? Allow her to assist you with decorating or wrapping gifts.

5) Allow for Mindfulness. Make time for attentive moments with your family. A few moments of focused breathing before a meal or before night can be pleasant and tranquil.

6) Try to build a routine.  It doesnt have to be the same as school time routine. One can sleep a bit late and wake up a bit late. But try to do it at the same time everyday.

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