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Celebrating #independenceday with inspiring short stories

Rani Abakka was the queen of Chowta dynasty who ruled over parts of coastal Karnataka. She was one of first rulersto rebel against colonialism and foreign invasion. She refused to pay tribute to the Portuguese and had to fight wars to defend her kingdom.
Celebrating #independenceday with inspiring short stories .

Queen Abakka, soon after being crowned the queen of Ullal, decided to stop paying tribute to the Portuguese. The Portuguese sent envoys to make her pay, but Rani Abbakka firmly refused to bow to their demands. The Portuguese then sent an army to capture Ullal. Inspite of having a fort at Mangalore, the Portuguese were defeated because of the bravery of the queen and the soldiers.

Rani Abakka was considered the biggest threat to the Portuguese during her time.

Songs of her bravery are sung to this day . The queen's story has been retold from generation to generation through folk songs and Yakshagana, a popular folk theatre in Coastal Karnataka.

A Salute to this feisty queen.

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