A fun activity to help your child's decision-making abilities.

Parents are no strangers to making decisions. They make numerous decisions on a daily basis, ranging from their child's diet to the household finances. Making decisions is a vital aspect of growing up, so we must teach our children how to make them.

The advantages of involving children in decision-making


  • Allows children to understand and express their thoughts, feelings, and needs. 
  • Helps youngsters acquire life skills including communication, bargaining, and compromise in order to create win-win scenarios.
  • Assist youngsters in learning about options and restrictions such as budget and safety.
  •  Increases children's self-esteem by treating their ideas, feelings, and abilities with respect. Super entertaining game that help youngsters practice decision-making.

We have highlighted the advantages of being active in decision-making. Now, we'll go through a super-fun game that might help children enjoy decision-making. Lets do some imaginary question games

Do you prefer ...  and give seemingly impossible choices

Question Examples:

  • Do you prefer chocolate or ice cream
  • Do you prefer to watch Peppa Pig or Masha and the bear
  • Do you prefer idli or dosa for breakfast
  • Beach or Mountain holiday

Make sure the questions are relevant and age-appropriate. Do not try to persuade the child to choose a desirable alternative. This is simply a fun game to help them improve their reasoning skills and decision-making abilities.

This is a simple, enjoyable game that requires little to no preparation and can be enjoyed by the entire family. You can make it a dinnertime custom to answer one "Would you rather...?" question each day. This will also provide the child with something to look forward to on a particularly difficult day.

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