6 things to look for when buying toddler books

When you are looking to buy Toddler learning books, here are 6 things to keep in mind

1. Child's interest: is there a particular theme or concept that your little one finds interesting? For example, some kids find dinosaurs to be a very interesting topic, yet others might find space travel or animals very interesting. Some kids totally love mythology. Getting Toddler learning books, that are in their interest areas will make their reading experience more enjoyable.

2. Format of the Toddler learning books: Some kids are prone to tearing papers, don't fret!! Its ok. As time passes they will learn not to tear them. In the mean time look for sturdy books in the market. There are many board books available in all themes and interest areas. Look for board books if you feel your toddler is not ready for paper books yet.

3. Amazing illustrations : Research indicates that 70% of Toddler learning happens through Visual cues.So, a good book for this age category should have attractive and well thought-out illustrations. The book should contain more visual elements than text. Great illustrations activate the part of brain that helps in memorising and learning . Illustrations also help in building kids imagination. The more creative and colourful the book the better the learning .

4. Easy to read Language:  Toddler's have picked up some words and they know how to read words and some short sentences. Choose books, that have appropriate sentence structures that your kid is comfortable reading. Rhyming texts ate great for prescholers because it helps them to grasp and remember words better

5. Age Appropriate books: Books that you pick for children need to be fit for young readers.  Books that have elements of violence or unhealthy stereotypes or adult issues are best avoided. As a parent, you know best what works for your kid and if your kid is ready for a topic. Look for the publisher's age recommendation on the book , thats a great guide as well.

6. Variety of themes:  It is very common for little ones to want to read the same book over and over again. This is not unusual and can be encouraged too. It helps them find comfort in books.   While your child may love stories about fairies, on occasion check out a book about Animals. Each Library visit, can be an occasion to explore a new topic

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