10 short stories with moral lessons for kids

Short stories are a great way to teach kids moral lessons. Short stories make the moral lessons more sticky. Kids are able to relate to the moral lesson more if the morals are delivered as stories. 

So instead of trying to tell them punctuality is very important if we tell them a storu about punctuality, the lesson is more clear with stories. In the story you can explain the positive effects of punctuality and possibly even the bad effects of being not punctual. Also kids love shot stories and it is a great way for you to spend some time with kids in a screen free environment.

Short Story 1: The Fox and the Grapes

A fox once wandered into a vineyard, while looking for food. The fox drooled at the sight of the round, delicious grapes hanging in a bunch. But no matter how far he leaped, he was unable to grab it. He then  went away from the vineyard, telling himself it was probably sour. He had to go to bed that night without eating anything.

Moral of the story :

The majority of us frequently behave like the fox. We invent justifications when we want something but believe it will be too difficult to obtain. Instead of working hard, we persuade ourselves that it probably isn't all that fantastic. Because, we don’t work hard we don’t get the results.


Short Story 2:  The Boy who cried wolf wolf

There once was a shepherd  boy who enjoyed pulling practical jokes. The child decided to pull a trick one day as he was keeping an eye on the herd and yelled "wolf! wolf!" When they heard, folks from the village hurried over to assist him. However, they were upset when they realised there was no wolf and the child was mocking them instead. He repeated it the following day, to the disappointment of those who had come to his rescue.

On the third day, an actual wolf came and was attacking the lambs. The cboy shouted out for aid. However, no one came to assist him since many who heard him believed this was simply another of the boy's pranks.  He lost many sheep that day

Moral of the story:

If you consistently tell lies and deceive others, eventually no one will believe you.


Short Story 3: The elephant who tortured the ants

A mighty elephant regularly intimidated smaller animals. He would visit the nearby anthill and squirt water on the ants there. Due to their size, the ants could only sob. The elephant merely laughed and threatened to squash the ants to death. The ants finally had enough and made the elephant pay one day. They began biting the elephant immediately after entering his trunk. In pain, the elephant could do nothing except howl.

The elephant  realized his mistake and  apologized to all the animals he had tormented before

Moral of the story:

Be modest and show kindness to everyone. Use your strength to defend people rather than hurt them if you believe you are stronger than them.

Short Story 4: The Lion and the Slave

A slave endured brutal treatment from his owner. He eventually reached his breaking point and fled to the forest. He came across. a lion there . The lion was unable to move due to a thorn in its paw. The slave fought through his fear and removed the thorn from the lion's paw. The lion did not harm the slave and just walked into the forest.  Later, when in the jungle with some animals, the slave was captured by his owner. The master threw the slave into the lion’s den. The slave knew the lion when he saw it as the one he had assisted. The lion did not harm him and he escaped once again.

Moral of the story:

When you do good things, the world has a way of returning the favor to you. Always do good deeds and be a good person


Short Story 5: The Ugly duckling

The hero of this story is a duckling who, ever since his birth, has felt alienated from his siblings. Because he didn't appear like the others, he was often teased. He finally had enough and left the pond where he was raised one day. He went far and wide in search of a family that would take him in. Seasons changed, months went by, yet no matter where he went, no one wanted him since he was such an ugly duckling.

One day he looked at his own reflection and realized that he had become a swan and he was not even a duckling. He then went and joined a swan family

Moral of the story:

We shouldn't make snap judgments about someone based just on how they seem. Not everyone who doesn't conform to social standards of beauty is necessarily unattractive. It's time to recognise that each of us is lovely in our own special manner and to embrace our differences.


Short Story 6 : The tortoise and the hare

A tortoise and a hare once became close friends. The hare once demanded a race from the tortoise. The hare believed he would win easily after observing how slowly the turtle was moving. So he took a nap as the tortoise continued on. The tortoise was already at the finish line when the hare awoke. Unfortunately for the hare, the tortoise won the race while he was dozing off.

Moral of the story

Actually, there are a few morals from this story

From the hare we learn that over confidence can ruin you and from the tortoise we learn that perseverance is one of the most important things to achieve success. . Never give up, even if all the odds are against you. Who is the most reliable in life is sometimes more important than who is the strongest or fastest.


Short Story 7:  The dog and the bone

A dog once prowled the streets day and night in quest of food. One day, he came across a large, delicious bone, which he instantly grabbed and took home. He observed another dog with a bone in its mouth as he crossed a river on the way home. He did not realize that it was his own reflection He wanted the other bone for his own use as well. He opened his mouth to get it. The bone fell into the water and the dog had to go hungry

Moral of the story:

Like the greedy dog, we will eventually lose what we already have if we are always envious of what others have.


Short Story 8: The thirsty crow

A thirsty crow was scouring the woodland for water after a lengthy flight. At last, he noticed a pot with some water in it. He attempted to drink from it, but his beak was too short to get to the water. He saw some pebbles on the ground, he carefully added each one to the pot until the water was nearly at the top. Then, in a hurry, the crow drank from it, quenching his thirst.

Moral of the story:

There is always a way if there is a will. If we look long and hard enough and don't give up, we can find a solution to any issue.


Short Story 9: John wanted Apples

John was a boy who was so sluggish that he didn't even bother to get dressed. He saw the apple tree in their yard was loaded with fruit one day. Although he was hungry, he was too lazy to climb the tree to get the apples. He then waited for the fruits to drop to the ground while lying down beneath the tree. John waited until he was quite hungry, but the apples never dropped.

Moral of the story:

Being lazy won't get you anywhere. You must  put a lot of effort if you desire something.

Short Story 10:

The grasshopper and the ant got along well. The ant puts in a lot of effort in the summer to stock his storage with food. The grasshopper plays all day long and relishes the pleasant weather.

 The ant hoarded food during the summer and was laying comfortably in his home during the winter. While the grasshopper was inside his house, starving and cold. The ant gave him some food after he requested for it. However, it was insufficient to see the winter through. The ant said, "I'm sorry dear friend, but my food is only enough for my family to live till the end of winter," when he tried to ask it again. I'll starve if I give you any more.”

Moral of the story:

In this story, winter stands in for a time when food and resources are few. everything is in abundance during the summer. Save some of what you have for the winter if you have a lot right now.

Short Stories are a great way to build conversation with kids. We hope you enjoyed reading these. Please take a look at our other products here.


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