Wildlife in a City Pond

Book Title : Wildlife in a City Pond | Author: Ashish Kothari I Illustrator : Sangeetha Kadur | Publisher : Pratham 

Living in the hustle and bustle of the city, we often feel we are away from nature! But, we would be surprised if we look carefully! Often, we find a little sparrow chirruping, a frog croaking or a snail crawling through the road oblivious to the pace of the world!

This book is a tribute to one such urban ecosystem - the city ponds.  During summers, they are barren and almost lifeless. The first drops of rain create magic; the flora and fauna are so diverse and lovely.

The author had moved into a new house in Pune,  in the evening  she heard a deafening cacophony and she wondered what it might be. Only in the morning did she find out the source of the noise. Just below her balcony was a little pond and the cacophony she had heard was of the frogs croaking.

Over the next one year, she sees an incredible amount of diversity in the pond. One day it’s a frog, the next day what she presumes to be rocks actually turn out be flap shell turtles, and she decides to name the pond after them. Join the author, on an incredible journey where she discovers many reptiles, birds and even mammals. The book also has lovely illustrations that are almost lifelike so that its easy to identify the various species.

We have included this book as part of the Book Box themed India, as a tribute to the Animals and Birds of our country. In addition to this book, there is  also a wallbook in the bookbox that has a map od India marked with special animals and two cool infographics dedicated to Animals and Birds of India.

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