Book Review: Same- same or Different

Sorting happens to be a very important mathematical skill. Sorting and Pattern recognition are the basis of algebra and set theory. Sorting as a skillset can be further broken down into sequencing, classifying and making patterns. A child who is good at sorting will eventually be good at making decision and judgements. Early childhood educators believe that children who are good at sorting are also good at understanding new information and how it fits into existing information. They are also better at handling things out of routine.

The book “ Same-same or Different?” is actually a fun way to teach kids on how to sort things and put them in different sets. With respect to any mathematics fundamentals, the more the kids work with it, the better they become it. This book could be a nice tool to teach sorting.

Sparrow and snake are friends. Both set of parents are worried. “ You cant be friends with the snake, his people eat our people”. “ You cant be friends with your food!”.

Sparrow and snake are tired of this and decide to show how they are similar. They focus on looks, movement and what food they eat. They are disappointed because they don’t find the similarity. Along comes the Headmaster and immediately knows how to show case they are similar. Read the book to find out how Headmaster Elephant does it. Along the process, you can teach categorizing, sorting and sets to your children. At the end of a book there is an activity that kids can do to sort animals based on different criteria.

The book also gives a very beautiful social message. If you focus on the differences a person has because of the group he belongs to you will only find the differences. Instead, if you change your view, and understand the person for who he is as an individual, you may actually find him to be similar. This can help in forming a strong bond of friendship across culture. Wouldn’t you agree with us, if we said this was the biggest need of the hour?

Educational Value: 5/5

Role Model Attribution: 5/5

Age Band — broad band : 7+ years

Publisher : Pratham Written By: Roopa Pai Illustrated by : Rohit Kelkar

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