Book Review: What Happened to the Shawl?

" What Happened to the Shawl" is an ancient Buddhist story retold by Arvind Gupta, the illustrations are by Debasmita Dasgupta - A Pratham book

In this story a monk, a junior one , needs a shawl and asks Buddha for  one. Buddha kindly and gently tries to find out what happened to his existing shawl and the book is about how the junior monk convinces Buddha that he is indeed in need of a shawl. The illustrations are beautiful and eye catchy and children would just love it.

At one level this is a book that teaches about conversation and minimalism. Key message in the book is " Buy/ Take only if really really need". At another level it  teaches a very important value of " Mutual Respect" , which comes through in the interaction between the junior monk and the Buddha.

The book also has some DIY Reuse activities at the end and some facts about the Indian Cultural value of " Simplicity and Frugalism"

Brilliant Book, a total Must Read , especially in this day and age where there is a proliferation of things not needed, and even not wanted but owned just for the sake of owning.

Buy it here ( obviously only if you really really need to teach the value of conservation to your kids ;))

Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: 5/5

Educational Value: 5/5
Age Band
Broad: 4-8 years | Best Suited : 7 - 8 years