Born to Bat - A story inspired by Mithali Raj

Book Title : Born to Bat - A story inspired by Mithali Raj | Author: Arthy Muthanna Singh & Mamta Nainy | Illustrator : Partha Sengupta | Publisher : Red Panda , an imprint of Westland

Often we wonder how we might be able to change a child’s habit. One of the better ways to do it is to give them an alternate positive habit.  All young Mithali ever enjoyed was dreaming! Literally! She loved to sleep and would sleep through the morning routine!  Sounds like a familiar morning routine in most homes.

Her parents had had enough of this and decided to send her for cricket coaching along with her brother Mithun.  The first ball she faced hit band in the middle of the bat and went for a four.  The coach was impressed! The rest is history, as we know it!

Mithatli had something she loved more than sleepin – Cricket! The moment Mithali had something she loved more that sleeping, she spent all her waking hours thinking and dreaming about it.  Following her brothers advice, she worked really hard to achieve her dream of getting big shiny trophies! She is the captain of the Indian Women’s cricket team and is the pride of our nation with the highest number of runs in International cricket.

“Born to Bat” is the featured book in our August edition of the India themed book box as an inspiration for young girls and all young kids to not just dream of unconventional careers but to work hard to achieve their dreams!

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