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Starting this week, instead of just doing a book pick on Thursdays, I will be doing a book review , hoping that a small glimpse into the book might motivate fellow parents to pick up the book. The fits book i start with is " Surprise Gifts" by Asha Nehemiah

There are various reasons why this book is the first I picked to review - The central theme of the book which is " Make instead of buy"  is something that children growing up in this generation might miss out on if not specifically taught.

Once you started reading the book to the child, the main character of the book " Aunt Farida" who plans to make birthday gifts for her brother's daughter becomes a loveable person- a fictional aunt of their own.

We have been reading this book to our little one since she was 2 and even in her 4th year this can count as one of her absolute favourites. The story is structure beautifully in an easy to understand language, the graphics are colourful and stunning  and extremely appealing visually. This is a " comfort" book that we all fall back on when she is a little sick or cranky and wants familiarity.  

In addition to everything else, the book is also priced at INR 46,  a small price to pay to try and inculcate beautiful values and build a lifetime companion for the kid.


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