Book Review: Dum Dum - A- Dum Biryani

Continuing our book reviews - Dum Dum -A- Dum Biryani by Gayathri Tirthapura Illustrated by Kabini Amin
This is a book we totally loved, because maths, values and social learnings are weaved into a single book and makes reading it a beautiful immersive learning experience 
Basha and Sainabi are in a panic. Their mother is sick . And 24 of her friends are coming for dinner . Not wanting to disturb their sleeping mom, brother sister embark on a kitchen adventure . Presented as a mix  of responsibly and mathematics , the story is suitable for 8 year olds who can read alone and younger kids that can be read to . 
As we go into the story , we see Basha’s sister  showing her math skills. They have seen their mom cook for four people . They know the recipes and the mix . Now how do they multiply everything by six and get a feast made for 24 people makes the heart of this cute story . 
There is a cute surprise for the mothers at the last section of the book too.
A must read . Pick your copy here
Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: 5/5
Educational Value: 4/5
Age Band
Broad: 4-8 years | Best Suited : 7 - 8 years

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