Book Review: RIA sorts it out

With Christmas being round the corner, we thought this might be a perfect book to review. Teaching kids about sorting and  Machine learning in the backdrop of Christmas celebrations

Abel writes a post card for his grandma which usually reaches her on New Year’s day. This time, he wrote the address himself, because he is a big boy and has learnt to write.After posting the letter, Abel is worried because he thinks the postmaster may not be able to recognise his handwriting.  So his mother takes him to post Master Post Master Wilson uncle explain to him how the Robot Ria sorts the letterWill Grandma get the letter on New Years Day? Read the book to find out

When we are born we know very few things, as we grow up we learn new things. Similarly, computers learn by doing too and more often a task is done, they become better at it. This is the basic principle of Machine Learning.

This book explains about Sorting and Machine Learning in a very simple way to kids. Even a 6 year old will be able to understand the basics. Highly recommended. 

The colorful illustrations capture the spirit of christmas and bring the stody to life

Title:  RIA Sorts It Out

Written by : Sonal Sher

Illustrated by: Balaram J Warrier

Book part of our STEM Book Box - Buy here

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