Book for Early Learning: Wild Life in a City Pond

One of the most important subjects in the agenda for kid’s early learning is undoubtedly about the environment in which they live.

The book, “ Wild Life in a City Pond” is a  great way to introduce this to kids. We often look at wetlands inside the city as wasteland, but this book shows otherwise.

There is a small piece of wasteland. What appears as parched land in the summer comes to life when the first drop of rain touches the earth. 

The plants slowly start looking fresh.  Frogs, birds, reptiles and insects start springing to life and a thriving eco system is created.

The author is amazed to see all of this and gives an amazing account of some of the rarer animals and birds he sees at the pond.  One day, to his horror, he finds out that the wetland is going to be drained and buildings will be constructed.  What is the author going to do?

This is a great book to introduce kids to not just environmental issues but also what form of civic action can one take in cities. 

It might also be used to  spark conversation with kids on how  migration and accommodating the ever increasing human population in urban spaces while also prioritising the environment.

This book is published by Pratham Books and is part of our India Themed Book Box.

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