Book Review: Discover India Off to Goa

" Discover India: Off to Goa" is a Puffin book written by Sonia Mehta. This is a part of the Discover India series where, all Indian states are explored in depth.

The book has two alien kids , Mishki and Pushka, who are trying to explore India with an old Grandfather Character named Daadu Dolma.  Written in simple English, the book is split into various sections broadly dealing with - Geography, History, Current Affairs, Culture and Folklore. The chapters can be read one by one and this makes it great for children, one could pick a chapter a day and finish it in about a weeks time.

There are some very nice general knowledge snippets in the book as well - For example, the mud in Goa is red in colour because of the Iron ore, and Goa also happens to be the biggest export market for Iron ore .The folklore/ popular story section is particularly very nice, it embodies the soul of the place in a story and children will love it.

The three characters in the book, do not stand out very strongly and like described earlier, book is factual and in chapters. It would have been excellent had the narrative been woven together like a story bringing the three characters across more strongly. Having said that, it is a really good book to get children to have an overview of the state.

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Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: Not Applicable

Educational Value: 4/5

Age Band  Broad: 4-8 years | Best Suited : 6 - 8 years

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