Book Review: The Best Baker in the world

This is the first time, we are going to review a slight bigger book and one that is priced above INR 100.  " My First Matinee: The Best Baker in the world" by Raja Sen, illustrated by Vishal K Bharadwaj which is a recent book Published by Puffin India piqued our interest because it is a super innovative subject.

Who hasn't read the book "The Godfather" ? Some may be. If we rephrase the question - Who hasn't watched "The Godfather"? The answer would be zero. This book is a children's adaptation of the movie  "The Godfather". It is really brave to attempt to adapt a movie such as " The Godfather" for children. But this book manages to do it right - A mafia movie without violence! 

Written in Limerick style with anthropomorphised characters, the plot revolves around three kids who must work together to save their father who is the  baker from the title. It is meant for 8 year olds, but even younger ones can understand it if read. With Holidays around the corner, we encourage you to buy this beautifully illustrated book for your children . The Illustrations by Vishal K Bharadwaj are really eye catchy and the children are going to love it. Imagine being Nostalgic when they read the original  "The Godfather" for the first time, how phenomenal would that be ?!

My First Matinee is supposed to be a series, with this one being the first

Enjoy reading it to your kids and marvel in the creativity of  the author in adapting "The Godfather" for children.

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This book currently is available in Amazon only in HardCover

Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: 4/5

Educational Value: 4/5

Age Band
Broad: 4-8 years | Best Suited : 7 - 8 years


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