Book Review: $100 Start Up

Yesterday, a colleague had gotten in touch with a question, " Do you find that there is a lot of content out there on starting up? Sometimes I feel like am going through many many boring college lectures" .  I resonated with the statement immediately and recommended a book to him " $100 Start Up" By Chris Guillebeau. There is really a lot of content out there, but if one wants to read something that gives solid ideas about starting up, this book is a must read.The book has 14 chapters and explains with live case studies, the nuances of starting a successful small business with low budgets.  

Incidentally, a friend had given this book to us as a wedding gift in 2012, and I must admit that I never really had the time to read it till I took a Maternity break in 2014. It was a super apt time, because I was looking for something to do that would help me spend more time with my daughter.  The key takeaways happen to be this -

1. If you are good at something, then you must be good at other things too, Find those areas

2. you could be passionate about something, but your passion can be turned into a business only if it has value for the customer. 

3. Find a convergence between your skills, passion and customer value

4. Act - Action is better than planning. Instead of spending time and effort on creating complex business models, test your idea by creating a quick and easy prototype and keep tweaking it, as and when you get feedback.

Popular media and the general start up eco system, has us believing that start ups are about funding and making it big, this book is not for anyone who wants that. On the contrary it is for anyone who wants to start something so that they can do something meaningful and make a lifestyle change.  You can buy it here 

Small and Micro Businesses interest me a lot, mainly because they are democratic. By that I mean, you don't need a lot of wealth to create further wealth. India is especially famed for its small businesses that sustain and employ so many - from the next door retailer to the photo studio the variety is phenomenal. Small businesses have been in existence for a long time, but in the internet generation the reach  and potential of these businesses can increase . The very nature of the businesses could be different too, enabling people to sell completely different products/ services - From CRM to Tally solutions. This books gives concrete steps to create small, yet very sustainable business. 

The author Chris Guillebeau has come up with his new book, " The side hustle" which is next on my reading list. This book promises to give ideas on creating a passive income stream without quitting the job, mouth watering right? Am buying my copy soon!


About the Reviewer:

Roomana Basha: Mother to a 4 year old | Founder and CEO | Loves books - Currently reading V.S Naipaul's " The Mystical Masseur" | Fitness Freak 



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