Book Review : Atleast Im Okay

Beautiful Sakuland is an idylic place — mountains, forests, streams of clear water dot the land. Una, the mountain goat, the protagonist of the story lives on a mountain alone. There is enough food for all animals and everyone is happy. Often, while grazing on the high mountains of Sakulan, Una wonders about the ways of the different animals — animals that live in groups amuse him the most and he wonders why they must do everything together.

Slowly, Sakuland’s climate begins to change, and the animals leave one by one. The whales start moving out first and slowly all the other animals follow suit. Una, on top of the mountain, does not understand why all the animals are leaving. Because he is on top of the mountain, his habitat hasn’t undergone much of a change and he doesn’t understand why the animals are all moving ! Read the story to find out what happens to Una and the land in general.

This book is a great way to explain to children about climate change and its effect on habitats. Una is a metaphor for all of us who live in cities in gated communities, leading nuclear lives away from the majority of the world. It is a great wake up call for us parents who read the book to the child. There are various metaphors and symbols used in the book, that a nuanced reader would understand. Great way to introduce a different form of story telling to a slightly older child

“ Atleast Im Okay” is written and illustrated by Alison Byrnes and published by Story reader, You may download yours here

Educational Value: 5/5

Role Models & Attitude Portrayal: Not applicable

Age Band — 4 to 7 years

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